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Title -- "Love and Loyalty: Aeren" Book Two Chapter Five Part One
Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- The Avatar and his Shield Kovar must face a conspiracy that threatens everyone and everything they love. Kovar and Aeren get to know one another a little better. Comedy and Drama Ensues.

PART I PART II PART III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Part VIX Part X Part XI Part XII Part XIII
Part XIV Part XV Part XVI Part XVII

Aeren stepped through the front door of his apartment as Erastos, still holding him by the arm, looked sharply down at the tablet he had in his hand, and nodded to the Quadrant. They closed the door behind them leaving Aeren and Erastos alone in the pleasant rooms with their golden colors and the bright sun of the day flooding in from the wide windows.

Aeren felt an uncomfortable tingle, a small electrical charge through him as they walked over the threshold, and he looked sharply at Erastos. The secretary had a small, quiet smile on his face. Aeren felt a breath of thought brush his mind, asking for permission to speak. Aeren gave it.

We’re being watched,” Erastos thought.

“I know, I feel it…someone’s bugged the room. There’s a blue jewel on the wall by the entrance…”

“You can pinpoint that? Remarkable. The Prince told me you have hidden talents.” Aloud he said, “I’m sorry you had to go through that. It must have been very uncomfortable for you.”

“I’m all right,” said Aeren, taking his instructions to act as quickly as he’d taken them from Kovar in the Reception Hall. “I’m just sorry I brought this on the House of Teramis.”

Erastos paused a moment, listening to directions from Kovar who was, by now, wrangling with the Royal Purse about what extortion fee to settle on Lady Sere. Then he said aloud, “The Prince believes there is something else behind this bad feeling between you and Lady Sere. You must have broken her heart at some point. She is very jealous.”

Aeren’s eyes widened. That comment was going to make Sere very angry when it got back to her. Erastos smiled broadly as he said it.

Quickly, Aeren recovered himself. “I wouldn’t think so. I barely know her. I know almost nothing about her, but that she is very powerful and respected. I deeply regret having offended her.” He had to struggle not to choke on the words as he spoke them, so he ducked his head and kept his back turned to the bug.

We already know who the leak is. The Prince likes to keep him around to spread disinformation. Of course, the Prince wasn’t expecting your arrival to trigger this reaction from Sere…”

“I suppose your leak told everyone on the planet I’d had a fight with Kovar.”

“Of course,” said Erastos. “But the Prince will smooth things over with her, I am sure.”

“It is best that I am away from the Avatar’s House. I – I can’t stay there. Not now. I only want to forget the past and start my new life. Pretend none of this happened...I doubt I will ever see them again. I will miss Etan and little Seren terribly, but…it cannot be. I must stay away. For their sake as well as mine.”

“The Prince is very fond of you, Lord Aeren. And you are young. Plenty of time to make amends,” Erastos smiled. “I think we’ve said everything the Prince wished us to say.”

Aeren smiled. “I dearly hope so. You have all been so good to me. I hope I can be worthy of your kindness.” As he said it, he strolled toward the door and quickly tapped the wall. A small arc of sparks danced out and shattered one of the pretty blue jewels set in it. Aeren watched the bits fall to the floor. “This wasn’t here this morning,” he said.

“Another one of your hidden talents,” said Erastos wonderingly as he walked over to look at the pieces. He knelt down and reached to touch the scattered shards.

“Don’t, they’ll be hot for a bit,” Aeren warned.

“How did you do it?” said Erastos.

Aeren shrugged. “Side effect of being a crystalcutter.” Half true. He sensed the anomaly in the stone the second he passed it, but it was his energy disrupting power that shattered it into pieces. He had no intention of revealing this to Erastos or anyone else. If it were ever known he was a disruptor, he’d be executed…unless someone powerful, such as a Prince got to him first. Fortunately, one already had.

“The Prince said you are a prize and the Avatar must be out of his mind to let you go,” said Erastos, rising again to face Aeren. “I’ve never met anyone who could do that.”

Aeren shrugged again. “I wish I could see Sere’s face when she hears Kovar thinks she’s jealous.”

“Is she?” asked Erastos.

Aeren paused. “In a way.” Jealous of his deep, close bond to Seren, who was now beyond her reach, he mused.

“I wouldn’t want her angry with me,” said Erastos quietly.

“I’m not happy about it,” said Aeren.

Erastos walked to Aeren’s desk and set his tablet upon it. “The Prince has told me very little of what is going on here, and I don’t expect he will tell me much more. For my own protection as well as yours.”

“I understand,” said Aeren. “I’m to shut my mouth.”

“Yes,” said Erastos, “we have the best security on Ovanan of course, but nothing is perfect. There are those on staff like me who are trusted, but we are not Shields. If we were to fall into the wrong hands, we would break. Tell us nothing we don’t need to know.”

Aeren sighed. “I’m always happy not to talk about unpleasant things.”

Erastos smiled again. He was taller than Aeren, as almost every resident of Teramis seemed to be thus far, but pleasantly plain. Aeren had already noticed that the Shields, wards and pages were of a kind, startlingly good-looking, often set into Quads and Octects of matched skin and hair colors, chosen for their skill and their uniformity in size and beauty. But intimate personal staff such as Erastos and Asha must have been chosen for competence alone. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to discuss many unpleasant things in a moment as your legal advocate is on his way here to go over your ward contract.”

Aeren blinked in surprise. “I’d…I’d forgotten. I thought…I thought we’d agreed to it. In principle. Verbally, I mean.”

Erastos raised a brow. “You have? Well, that’s good, but these things need to be marked down. There are many details, financial details, personal conduct requirements…”

Aeren sighed. “That sounds like hell.”

A small chime announced the arrival of Aeren’s lawyer. “I’ll leave you to it,” Erastos said brightly. He walked to the door with his tablet in hand. It swung open to usher in Asha, who had a large serving tray with an early afternoon meal and drinks, and behind her, an attractive man with a short cropped mop of dark curls, dark skin, and pleasant grey eyes. He carried his own tablet and he smiled at Aeren as he entered. Asha put the tray on the desk, her eyes darting to the shattered crystal on the floor in annoyance.

“Accident,” announced Aeren.

Asha pursed her lips and darted to the floor, with a little device that she detached from her belt. Intended for table crumbs, it efficiently whisked the shards of the small gem away. Then she let herself out of the room, leaving Aeren and his lawyer alone.

“I’m Emrin, Lord Aeren,” said the dark man with the bright grey eyes, paying obeisance. “I’m your legal advocate. I’m so honored to meet you and to be representing you. They told me you were…”

Aeren leaned forward. “They told you I was what?”

Emrin hesitated, smiling, embarrassed. “They told me you were…shiny.”

“Oh,” said Aeren. “Oh.” His aura was at full power. He closed his eyes, concentrating, dimming it until it was almost completely gone.

“Oh. Oh, no, I didn’t mean for you to kill it. It’s quite beautiful, My Lord, it’s just that –“ Emrin faltered, abashed. “I mean, My Lord, I’m not accustomed to dealing with such powerful clients. Royalty.”

Aeren smiled softly back at the pleasant-looking man with the warm voice.  “It’s all right. I know it can be a distraction. Shall we sit?”

The personal office arrangement in the corner of the large apartment was rather like Kovar’s own, comfortable, with older furniture, expensive, rather out of date, but for the very attractive chair that had obviously been chosen for Aeren, as it was suited for his shorter stature. Aeren liked the feel of it all. The desk was studded with very fine and radiant crystals for concentration, psionic strength, and focus. Aeren eased himself into his new seat, sinking into it with delight. It was covered in warm burgundy velvet. He knew he must look ravishing in it. He had no doubt Kovar had chosen it for that purpose. The thought made him smile. “Would you care for something to eat? May I pour you a drink?” Aeren gestured to the large tray Asha had arranged on the desk.

“Oh,” said Emrin, “You shouldn’t. Let me get it, My Lord.”

“No,” said Aeren. “It’s quite all right. I can pour a drink. I haven’t any servants. My hands work fine without them, don’t they? Why don’t you get started on whatever it is you’ve come to talk to me about while I pour?”

Emrin’s grey eyes were wide at the sight of being served by a beautiful young lord, and he looked nervous, wondering if he’d get in trouble at having humbled the Prince’s favorite.

Aeren caught the look. “It’s fine. I won’t tell anyone. Please take a seat.”

Emrin nodded, taking the offered glass and settling into the chair opposite Aeren. Waiting for the Prince’s consort to take his own glass, Emrin raised it in a toast. The men drank companionably.

Emrin held the glass against his chest and spoke, “I admit I have no experience with this sort of contract, but then, no one alive does. The Prince has never taken a ward, or a consort, and so I’ve had to modify a standard Shield Master and squire arrangement for your unique needs in this very short time: since yesterday as a matter of fact. I should also say that the Prince is terribly fond of you, and has been very generous in his settlements on you. You have quite turned his head, I must say.”

Aeren barked a soft laugh and then looked down into his drink.

“May I ask how long you have been together?”

Aeren blinked. He hadn’t really thought of this line of discussion, and wasn’t sure how to lie about it. “Um…not long…”

“Well,” said Emrin, “the Prince is besotted.”

“Good to know,” said Aeren, smiling. Kovar had smacked him for publicly calling him a liar. Prince Kovar might very well be the best liar Aeren had ever met. And that was saying something.

“I’m pointing this out, “said Emrin, “because you have negotiation advantages here. The Prince is one of the most powerful men on Ovanan, but you don’t have to do anything you do not want to do. You do not have to accept any of these terms. You realize that?”

Aeren had not realized it. He said nothing.

“If you were a child,” said Emrin, “and being adopted from the crèche, you’d be a virginal young boy – or close to it – who’d known nothing but living in the dormitory with your fellows, and training to be a good soldier. If you had enough psionic talent, you’d be getting the sort of special training that goes along with that, which is why you’d be chosen by a Shield Master, of course. Only the best get chosen. But though you have the legal status of a child owing to your…ahem…special place in the Avatar’s House, you are not a virginal young boy,” (Aeren rolled his eyes and Emrin looked mildly uncomfortable on saying it,) “ and you have had many of the rights and privileges of adulthood without adult legal status.

“The primary reason for these ward contracts,” said Emrin, “is for the protection of young and vulnerable boys and girls straight from the crèche. To keep them from exploitation. You understand.”

“I think I do,” said Aeren softly.

“It is normal for Shield Masters to form strong bonds with their squires, and to fall in love. But the matches are not always healthy or suitable. Social welfare advocates observe the growing relationship between squire and Master. If the squire is willing and more importantly, ready and able, then the squire makes the choice. Not the Master. And the advocate must examine all involved to make absolutely certain that no coercion has taken place. It’s for everyone’s protection, especially since the young have so little psionic shielding. It is perilously easy for unscrupulous types to take advantage. The choice must be free, and the choice must be in the best interest of the squire. That is why we have this.” Emrin picked up the tablet and waved it.

“You mean to say,” ventured Aeren, “That I am going to have to go before a social welfare advocate and ask legal permission to have sex with the Prince of Teramis?”

“Good God no!” laughed Emrin. “Everyone knows you’re already having sex. Anyone can see you’ve sheathed that blade!”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Your dagger. There.”

“Oh.” Aeren had almost forgotten that Kovar had marked him with the dagger and its telltale sigils that morning, the token of lovers that they now both wore. He fingered the dagger nervously, and then realized he did not know how to release it from its hidden chain on his sash. He very much wanted to take it off. “That’s what it means. Yes.”

“The Prince didn’t tell you? That’s how a squire propositions his Master. Takes his sheath and leaves it on his Master’s pillow. If his Master accepts, he delivers a dagger in return. Quite romantic, really. Many who are neither Shield Masters nor squires imitate the custom. Anyway, the legal thing to do right after this charming exchange is to then run off and get permission to have sex. But of course, some just have a go at it and ask permission later. There is the law and then there is passion. Always at cross purposes, those two.”

“My goodness,” said Aeren.

“Indeed,” said Emrin, who was quite enthusiastic in the telling of Teramis customs. But then a shadow crossed his face, and nervously, he took another drink.

“I bring all of this up, also, “ Emrin said carefully, “because I know you and the Prince have already quarreled.”

“You do?”

“It was quite the topic of conversation. Well, everywhere. It was a violent quarrel, I believe.”

Aeren looked into his glass again.

“My Lord,” said Emrin, leaning forward with serious eyes, “I am your advocate. I do not work for the Prince. I work for you. If there is any…if there is any doubt, or if there has been any coercion of any kind, you have but to say the word. The Prince has been extraordinarily generous in providing a suitable settlement for your needs if you choose not to…not to continue this relationship.”

Aeren’s breath caught in his throat. “I don’t understand…”

Emrin bit his lip. “The Prince is a passionate man, My Lord. Very passionate. He’s been known to be completely overcome by the dangerous sway of desire. He looks like ice, but there’s a volcano underneath. You must know that by now. And his strength. Physically.” Emrin shuddered. “And you are - you are, well - not used to our customs. Our way of things. It isn’t at all unusual for Warriors of Teramis to express desire in ways that may seem – untoward to others. Violent even. It’s difficult for others to understand.”

Aeren swallowed nervously.

“If this is not something you are comfortable with, if you don’t feel like you are in a place where you can –“

“The Prince didn’t hurt me,” said Aeren, hurriedly. “Not like you’re thinking.” He really wasn’t sure exactly what Emrin was thinking, but the course of the conversation was going in uncomfortable places.

Emrin took in a deep breath. “The Prince himself told me he hurt you, Lord Aeren.”

Aeren gasped a little in shock that Kovar would have mentioned it. And he had no idea how Kovar had framed it. Aeren recovered himself and then said, “He is trying to protect me. To defend my honor.” He twisted his hands nervously around the glass. “The truth of the matter is, I behaved abominably. I – I took the first aggressive action. It was foolish and weak of me.” Aeren hung his head.

“You love him very much.”

Aeren closed his eyes. “I dishonored myself and The Prince’s relationship with Saveris. I deserved what I got.”

Emrin bit his lip. “That is sometimes said by those who are afraid to speak for themselves,” he said quietly.

Aeren looked up, his eyes narrowed and his aura flared. “I can speak for myself, sir. And I can stand up for myself.”

Emrin’s eyes widened, and then he nodded.

“I do not wish to discuss the incident any further,” said Aeren, curtly.

Emrin sat stiffly and quietly for a moment as Aeren took control of his aura and dampened it down again until it was almost invisible. The vestiges of it glowed around him, a pale halo, and he cast his gaze out onto the sun and the mountains past Emrin’s shoulder.

“We can move on then,” said Emrin quietly. He paused, waiting for Aeren’s temper to flare. When it didn’t, he said, “That brings us to another point in this contract. The Prince requires you to be chaste. Your only physical relationship is to be the one you enjoy with His Highness. He has no reciprocal agreement with you. In fact, there is a clause with particular regard for the status of his lover Saveris.”

“That’s fine,” said Aeren quickly.

“You will not be able to have any relationship with anyone of any kind without the Prince’s permission. You realize this? Nothing. Of any kind.”

Aeren sighed and lolled his head against the back of his chair.

“It’s for your protection. If you don’t mind me saying so, you are a bit old to begin the kind of psionic training you will get here on Teramis. Your synapsis are formed and molded into some very bad habits, I am told. You will need to have your neural pathways rerouted, and that is going to leave you very vulnerable for a long time. You can’t be consorting with other minds. This chastity requirement is not just a matter of a Prince’s jealousy it is necessary for your protection. And his. You must be absolutely faithful. No other lovers.”

Aeren sighed again. “I could use a vacation,” he said.

“Well, as I mentioned before, the Prince is a very passionate man. I’m sure he’ll keep you occupied!”

Oh, joy, thought Aeren. He closed his eyes, imagining a long future with his hand the only close companion for his prick. Serves me right, he thought glumly.

“And of course,” continued Emrin, “ we come to the conjugal rights clauses which outline the frequency and nature of sexual congress between you and His Highness.”

“Good God!” declared Aeren.

“I insisted upon it. It’s also for your protection.”

“How the hell does that protect me?”

“Well,” shrugged Emrin, “as I said earlier, things are different on Teramis.”

“How much different can sex be?” said Aeren, exasperated. “Are there weapons involved?”

Emrin raised a brow. “Well…”

“For God’s sake, man!”

“If the Prince makes unwanted overtures, if he has specific requests that you would rather not –“

“What kind of requests? What are you getting at?”

Emrin threw his hands in the air. “Everyone has…things!”

What things?”

“There are things. For example, at Festival.” Emrin’s voice dropped to a near whisper.

“Someone really needs to tell me what goes on at that Festival!” Aeren whispered back.

“I cannot do that!”

“I think you’re trying to do that right now. What exactly does the Prince do at this place?” Aeren was simultaneously determined to find out and worried that he would.

“I really, really cannot tell you that!” Emrin whispered back.

Aeren’s mouth fell open.

Emrin leaned forward. “Perhaps you could tell me…what exactly do you and the Prince normally do? Between you, I mean. I heard there was spanking involved, my Lord, and if we could make sure that that is considered the standard for your relations in the document, and if anything outré were to happen in future –-“

“What do we normally do? What does everyone normally do?”

Emrin rolled his eyes. “My Lord, I am an attorney, if I’ve learned anything it’s that there is no normal. I’m simply trying to determine what it is you want and to make sure that is what you can expect.”

“Well I don’t know! We do what everyone does, I suppose. We kiss and hug and –“ he waved his hands in frustration, closed his eyes tight, and then blurted out, “Anal and oral!” Aeren sat back in his chair, exhausted. “Men do that. To each other. Yes. We do that. With great frequency and enthusiasm.” Aeren leaned forward over Emrin’s tablet and said, enunciating carefully “The Prince of Teramis likes to get on top.”

Emrin blinked. “Is that all?”

“Well if you do it right, what else do you need?”

After Emrin inserted language into the document that would, he hoped, prevent his young charge from being carried away by an imprudent Prince’s passions (“No spanking,” Aeren insisted,) they moved on to the language of the financial settlement.

It left Aeren breathless.

“Are you all right, my Lord?” Emrin asked, quietly.

If Aeren chose to cut and run right now, the Prince would take care of him. There was an apartment in the city, a lifetime allowance. And land. A private, abandoned mine, a playground for a crystalcutter. The privacy and space in the quiet mountains he longed for. His status as a Lord of Teramis guaranteed. He need not live as the Prince’s companion, a false life of a loveless match to cover their grim mission chasing down a criminal ring that raped the boy he loved, a boy facing a terrible future as a deadly God. He could walk away from the weighty duties facing him, the trials to be found in the documents in the next room. And away forever from the cold and distant Avatar whom he loved and hated in equal measure. The lawyer knew nothing of these concerns, but Kovar was giving Aeren an out. He could escape and leave the responsibility entirely on Kovar’s shoulders.

He could walk away from it all.

As Emrin read the words to him, the language of the transfer of the land rights, the guarantees for his future, a life entirely on his own terms with the funds and freedom to do whatever he liked, a new life, fresh and clean of the terrors of the past, tears sprang to Aeren’s eyes. He gasped and choked on a sob.

“My Lord, are you unwell?”

At that, Aeren began to cry in earnest, great ripping sobs. He doubled over, buried his face in his hands, his body wracked with the power of his grief and gratitude, shame at the weakness in his heart that tempted him to run, to run away from it all, and desperate love for the young boy that he knew he could never, ever possibly betray, never ever truly leave.

Emrin watched in terror as Aeren collapsed, wondering how long he would keep his head when the Prince learned of it, while being not at all certain what he’d done to prompt Aeren’s breakdown.

“The Prince’s boy is in distress!” he announced weakly. “The Prince’s boy is in distress!” He waved his arms at no one in particular.

Asha came through the door in a moment, running to Aeren surrounded by a Quadrant of grim, raven-haired men who were looking at Emrin as if his next breath would be his last.

“The Prince’s boy is not well!” Emrin croaked.

“Don’t hurt him,” Aeren pleaded. “Don’t! Please. He’s done nothing.”

Asha picked up Aeren’s glass, pressing it to his lips, and ran her hand over his forehead. Aeren felt a soothing breathe of psionic air pass over him.  “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cause alarm,” he said.

Ashe smiled reassuringly, and Aeren could feel the Quadrant relax. His act as Kovar’s psionically weakened squire would require repeat performances, Aeren thought. Might as well start now. The Quadrant, shielded as they were, got a taste of Aeren’s shimmering sense of overwhelming love for Seren and gratitude for Kovar that he morphed into an operatic quail of love and desire for the Prince. The waft of emotionalism satisfied the soldiers that the Prince’s boy was ravished by the mere thought of his future with the glorious Kovar, and that his weeping was a joyous rapture. Coupled with the Reception Hall drama of the beautiful young man prostrate at the feet of their Lord, his vulnerable hand raised, his head lowered in supplication, and the Shield’s hearts were filled with pride.

“I’m ready to seal the agreement,” said Aeren, quietly.  His tears had stopped, and for someone who was playing at being an emotional wreck, which he had been moments before, his face looked quite hard.

Emrin stuttered nervously. “We have yet to review the entire document, My Lord.”

“No matter. I trust the Prince with my life. I approve this document as written and affix my seal thereto.”

“My Lord,” said Emrin, weakly.

“It’s done,” said Aeren. “Thank you for your help, Emrin.”

“You should take the time to read it all,” Emrin continued, frowning

“Now, really Emrin, if there was anything of serious danger to me in this, you’d have brought it up first, wouldn’t you?”


“So, the rest of this would be boring details about, let me see, here is something scintillating about my wardrobe allowance…Wow! That is quite a lot of money.”

“You should know your rights!”

“I’m sure it will all come in very handy when I want a new pair of boots,” said Aeren. “I will call you if I need you again. Send me a bill?”

“The Prince covers your expenses. It’s right there on – “

“Oh, God, He would.” Aeren shook his head and laughed, his golden hair swaying about him.

“I am always here if you need me, My Lord.” Said Emrin, sincerely.

Aeren paused. “I am sure if I ask the Prince nicely, he will allow us to be friends,” he said. He put his hand on Emrin’s shoulder and squeezed it companionably.

Emrin’s face glowed. He bowed giving humble obeisance and then, dismissed with a wave of Aeren’s hand, walked past the massive Shields with pride, through the great doors of Aeren’s apartment as the Shields followed him.

Asha quietly picked up the dishes from Aeren’s luncheon, the food picked over by both Aeren and Emrin, and put them on the tray. “I’m only serving you now, because your own staff hasn’t been cleared yet. Security issues, you understand. I serve the Prince,” she said.

“I’m sorry to put you to this inconvenience,” said Aeren, looking past her, out to the mountains and the snow.

“Not at all. Just letting you know you will have your own servants. It’s in your contract, I understand” she said, smiling. “There’s a very fine protocol master who is up for your instruction, and he’s likely to make it. Handsome, too. Prince Kovar likes to have handsome men around, when he can.” She leaned over to him, still holding the tray. “You needn’t worry, though. He just likes to look.”

Aeren raised a brow. “If the Prince, as you say, likes to have handsome men around, might I ask how you managed to find a place here?”

“Can’t trust everyone on looks, can you?” said Asha flatly. “He can trust me. I’ve been with him longer than you’ve been alive. I’m his private valet, I’m sure you know that. I take care of his clothes. Putting them on, taking them off. If you’re a man for men (and the Prince is, in general, it’s been ages since he had a woman,) when you have someone who takes off your clothes and puts them on for you, it’s just as well if a woman is on her knees tugging off your underwear instead of some pretty boy. You get my meaning.”

“I believe I do.”

“In all the years I’ve pulled at his smallclothes, the Prince has never once gotten hard in my face. But those days are over. Now he has you. You have a challenge ahead of you.”

“What do you mean?” asked Aeren with trepidation.

“Don’t you know? You’re his squire. You serve as his body servant now. I take care of his clothes. You put them on and off.”


“Oh yes, If you can get his pants off him without him getting a huge hard on, I will be very much surprised. That face of yours!” She winked and carried her tray to the door. “He’s going to have such fun, now that you’re here.” She smiled indulgently and left the room.

“Good God,” said Aeren.

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