Oct. 20th, 2013

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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] queenynci at I want to ride my sky cycle, I want to ride my bike
The Riders Are The Storm

Ksh walked in to her home to see one of the things she most enjoyed seeing, Kovar in thigh high boots, skin-tight velvet leggings, no shirt, a protective jacket and wearing a helmet.

Then she heard one of the things she most enjoyed hearing,

"Want to play?"
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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] hopefulnebula at Dear Yuletide Writer, 2013 (!)
(Copying and pasting the text from last year's boilerplate post, with some alterations)

What are Yuletide letters? When you sign-up for Yuletide, you'll be able to choose from between four and six fandoms to request fic for. For each fandom, there will be a space in your sign-up where you can write optional details about what you'd like to see in your fic.

Many people like to write about their fandoms in a more in-depth way than that space allows, so they write a letter to their author, post it in their livejournal, and provide a link to it in the comments of the Dear Yuletide Writer post that goes up every year -- if you don't want to create a livejournal post for your letter, you can also just type it out directly in a comment to the post itself. You can also provide a link to your letter in your sign-up.

Previous years' posts: right here!

Letters are completely optional and can include many things. People might write about what they enjoy about the fandoms, or what they enjoy to read in fics in general, or they might provide optional prompts, etc. While letters are optional, many authors find them useful, and many authors like to read through them to look for treats that they can write.

If you're unsure of how to write a letter, you can read through other peoples' letters until you figure out what you would like to include in yours. Tips from previous years can also be found here and here.

When you link to your letter in the Dear Yuletide Writer post, here is a suggested format to make things easier for the kind nonnies collecting information about the all the letters in an easy-to-search spreadsheet.

Link to Your Letter:
AO3 Name (the name you signed-up to yuletide with):
Fandoms: (written as they appear on the official tagset)
fandom #1
fandom #2
fandom #3
fandom #4
fandom #5 (optional)
fandom #6 (optional)

If you change or add fandoms between now and when signups close, please add a NEW comment to explain this! If you edit your original comment, that change will NOT be reflected on the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet Yuletiders are not going back through the comments or tracking the post for changes. They just take new comments and add them in, so: a brand new comment linking to the old with the changes is the best way to make sure the spreadsheet is accurate!

(That, or chase one of us down in #yuletide. I hang out as HopefulNebula or Neb, and there are others helping out as well!)

The spreadsheet links (which I could have sworn I'd included here but I guess not!):

Letters by comment page
Letters by fandom

(They're the same sheet, just different tabs)

Edit 10/8: Please note that LJ's comment system sucks like a sucky thing and that the page number noted on the spreadsheet may not match exactly with the page number you see. Also, if you're not on the spreadsheet but the people around you are/your comment got screened/something got misspelled, leave a new top-level comment and one of us will get back to you at the sound of the beep. *beep...*


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