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Title -- Love and Loyalty PART III
Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- D'mer is on Kimar, fulfilling his marital duties. Kovar and Seren are truly alone for the first time.



Kovar froze. He could feel Rorvian's control waiver, a trembling pulse between them.

The Avatar, unheeding, stepped through the door, a tablet in his hand. He wore a short, flowing lavender tunic over a pair of pale green leggings. In this costume, he looked as fragile and rare as one of the blossoms in his exotic gardens.

He was considerably shorter than the average Ovanan. If he stood up very straight, he barely reached Kovar's shoulder. But then, he was still very young, having ascended to the throne of the Avatar when he was still a child. Like many of Ovanan's most gifted psionics, he would likely never grow to be very tall. This did not diminish the graceful line of his legs.

The crystal reduced his appeal to mere prettiness. In person, Seren's beauty was astonishing, even on a world where physical appeal was common. He possessed a magnificent aura the crystal could not capture. Despite his loveliness, he was sometimes awkward, and (Kovar felt from their very first meeting,) intimidated by the Major's stern presence. Only when he was masquerading as his rebellious counterpart Rieken did his wit and daring show themselves.

"I found the documentation you asked me about," Seren said, tapping the tablet, smiling shyly as he did so. He must have come directly from the temple down the hall as his song had only just been completed. He was sweaty from having worn his light lavender and green tunic and hose under the heavy ceremonial gown, and from running down the hall like the boy he was. His hair was slightly mussed. Knowing Seren, the ancient and costly ceremonial gown had been dumped in a heap somewhere between the temple and Kovar's office. "I have the expense account estimates for the new staff. I was wondering if you -"

He paused uncomfortably, blinking in confusion. He looked from Kovar to Rorvian, and back again. His face took on a knowing expression.

"I'm - I'm so sorry. I've interrupted you."

He sometimes forgot he was the Supreme Being, and behaved like the gawky boy he was, apologizing for interrupting his own staff in his own palace. Kovar never quite got used to that.

Seren began to blush furiously, stepping back from the two men. "I didn't know. I'm so sorry."

It took Kovar a moment to figure out exactly what Seren was backing away from, what he thought he was interrupting.

And then he realized...the crystals.

The room was filled with powerful sensations which emanated from them, waves of desire. Kovar groaned inwardly and caught Rorvian's horrified glance. The sergeant began to blush as deeply as the Avatar did.

Seren tried to back out of the room before Kovar called to him, even as he quickly snatched at the crystal shards to shove them back into the box.

"Please don't go, my Lord, there is something very important we need to - DAMN!" One of the shards sliced his finger, and Rorvian darted forward to finish the task of stowing the bits of pornographic material away as Kovar scrambled for a handkerchief to tend his hand. Seren paused at the door in confusion, watching them. The moment the cover on the little box was closed, the powerful feeling of lust dissolved.

Seren looked even more confused at that.

"Damn," muttered Kovar, again. He saw Seren raise a pale eyebrow.

"Rorvian, step outside. I need to speak to the Avatar in private."

Rorvian looked uncertain. "But, sir..."

"What did I say to you?" It was said very loudly and the Avatar jumped. Kovar was not in the mood for argument. The Major glanced at the Avatar in insincere apology. Rorvian made a hasty bow, gave obeisance to the Avatar who smiled wanly in response, and then scrambled out, sealing the door of Kovar's office behind him.

Seren didn't seem to know what to say, so he looked about, still wondering what had happened to the powerful romance he thought he'd interrupted. He motioned toward the bandaged hand and inquired blandly, "Are you hurt badly?"

Kovar had already forgotten that he sliced open his finger, even though the handkerchief was still wrapped clumsily around it to staunch the trickle of blood.
"No, don't trouble yourself, Divinity." He gestured to the chair in front of his desk. He hoped at some point in the not-too distant future he would find the events of the day amusing, and looked about the desk for his gloves without success. They'd fallen to the floor and he was standing on them. He sighed.

"My Lord, will you please sit and speak with me? I have...we have something very important we need to discuss." He reached down and peevishly retrieved his expensive formal gloves.

As usual, Seren did as he was asked. He was sometimes as pliant as a servant, but he had a look of trepidation on his face. When Kovar wanted to discuss something, it was never good news.

Kovar was sure the Avatar wasn't expecting what was coming.

Seren smiled shyly again. "Rorvian is very handsome. I am happy for you," he said, kindly.

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