Jul. 25th, 2016

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A very big chapter!

Title -- Love and Loyalty PART VI
Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- D'mer is on Kimar, fulfilling his marital duties. Kovar and Seren are truly alone for the first time.


Trevian was a handsome man. Most of the Shields of the Avatar’s guard were. Their abilities notwithstanding, it didn’t hurt that they looked good in uniform, with their intimidating presence and size, moving as a unit whenever the Avatar left his House, their minds locked around him and their bodies as impenetrable as a wall.

They were bigger than most of the Ovanan upper class, considerably taller, as well as broader and more muscular. Ovanans, taller than most sentient beings, tended toward slightly shorter stature than the average for their people the greater their psionic powers were. The huge amounts of energy they used while learning to wield their powers as children stunted growth in formative years.

Children chosen from the creche for House Teramis were selected for their physical attributes as well as their power. Shields were favored above all, their primary ability being to thwart psionic invasion. Shields learned early how to blank their minds. They were surrounded by mature Shields during this training to protect the young acolytes from outside influence and mental corruption. This also gave them the advantage of physical development most Ovanan lacked. And that most preferred not to have.

Shields were the most valuable assets of Teramis. Few were sold outright. Most were leased earning large sums for the House through tithes on their earnings. Rarely did a Shield fail in their duty to the masters, as the virtue of loyalty was instilled in them from childhood.

The delicate physical form fashionable on most of Ovanan was not favored by Teramis. Some Ovanan even tried to make themselves shorter, or to breed children in the Creche to mimic the reduced stature of nobles. Androgyny made them more attractive assets. The affectation sometimes inspired a great deal of scorn. A noble was easily recognized by a powerful aura, which few non-noble Ovanan had, and no matter how dainty the height, the lack of aura was a giveaway that true power was lacking.

Trevian had an aura, but it was not particularly impressive. It was glowing a sickly blue at the moment, and did nothing for his complexion. He was pale, as many Ovanan were, and he had a thick mass of rich, wavy unbound brown hair to his shoulders, a nod to his vanity, as most soldiers kept their hair in a tidy queue when on duty. He had very large dark grey eyes, and generous lashes. His mouth was wide and full and red. The last time Kovar had seen that mouth it had been affixed to the crack in the Avatar’s slender bottom. Or, more precisely, to the bottom of a man who knew what the Avatar looked like enough to imitate him except for an accurate depiction of a few square inches of his private parts.

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