Sep. 12th, 2016

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Title -- "Love and Loyalty: Aeren" Book Two Chapter Three Part Two
Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- The Avatar and his Shield Kovar must face a conspiracy that threatens everyone and everything they love.

WARNING: Child abuse. Some content may be disturbing for some readers.

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Part X
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Love and Loyalty
Book 2 AEREN
Chapter 3 Part 2

STORY NOTE: An Ovanan year is 14 years, so Seren is about 17 human years in this segment of the story. Ovanan children age slower than human children. He would appear to be about 12-13 in human years.

Aeren was asleep.

He’d staggered back to the water closet, this time on his own, and returned complaining about the soaked facility, forgetting that he’d been responsible for it, having been unable to hit the urinal in his drunken stupor. Afterward, flopping on the chaise in an untidy lump, emotionally and physically exhausted, he laid his head upon the pillow and was unconscious in the time it took for Kovar to walk back to his desk to get more fruit for Aeren to eat.

Kovar was fastidious enough to examine Aeren’s stocking feet for signs they’d been soiled in the water closet. Mercifully, they were clean.

The Prince examined the boy’s awkward posture on the chaise, and gently rearranged his limbs so that he would sleep more comfortably. Aeren grunted in his sleep. Kovar loosened the high collar of Aeren’s shirt, and reached for his queue, now an unruly tangle wrapped in an wrinkled trail of ribbon, and began carefully unbinding the great length of golden hair.

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