Oct. 25th, 2016

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Title -- "Love and Loyalty: Aeren" Book Two Chapter Five Part One
Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- The Avatar and his Shield Kovar must face a conspiracy that threatens everyone and everything they love. Kovar and Aeren get to know one another a little better. Comedy and Drama Ensues.

PART I PART II PART III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Part VIX Part X Part XI Part XII Part XIII
Part XIV Part XV Part XVI Part XVII

Aeren stepped through the front door of his apartment as Erastos, still holding him by the arm, looked sharply down at the tablet he had in his hand, and nodded to the Quadrant. They closed the door behind them leaving Aeren and Erastos alone in the pleasant rooms with their golden colors and the bright sun of the day flooding in from the wide windows.

Aeren felt an uncomfortable tingle, a small electrical charge through him as they walked over the threshold, and he looked sharply at Erastos. The secretary had a small, quiet smile on his face. Aeren felt a breath of thought brush his mind, asking for permission to speak. Aeren gave it.

We’re being watched,” Erastos thought.

“I know, I feel it…someone’s bugged the room. There’s a blue jewel on the wall by the entrance…”

“You can pinpoint that? Remarkable. The Prince told me you have hidden talents.” Aloud he said, “I’m sorry you had to go through that. It must have been very uncomfortable for you.”

“I’m all right,” said Aeren, taking his instructions to act as quickly as he’d taken them from Kovar in the Reception Hall. “I’m just sorry I brought this on the House of Teramis.”

Erastos paused a moment, listening to directions from Kovar who was, by now, wrangling with the Royal Purse about what extortion fee to settle on Lady Sere. Then he said aloud, “The Prince believes there is something else behind this bad feeling between you and Lady Sere. You must have broken her heart at some point. She is very jealous.”

Aeren’s eyes widened. That comment was going to make Sere very angry when it got back to her. Erastos smiled broadly as he said it.Read more... )


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