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Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- The Avatar and his Shield Kovar must face a conspiracy that threatens everyone and everything they love. Kovar and Aeren get to know one another a little better. Comedy and Drama Ensues.

PART I PART II PART III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Part VIX Part X Part XI Part XII Part XIII Part XIV Part XV Part XVI Part XVII Part VXIII Part VIX

Aeren insisted on the full measure of his time allotment on the comm with Seren. Kovar just wanted to get some sleep.

The boys were as silly and giddy as Kovar had come to expect of them, full of gossip, and endearments, and banal chatter. Kovar could not fathom how they could generate so much to talk out of so little substance. There was a great deal of commentary about some clothes the Heir didn’t like, and whether or not Aeren would approve of them. And plants. And the Heir wanted a pet, but Etan said no. This was a great injustice.

Though Aeren was the elder, he regressed and babbled boyish nonsense until he seemed no more senior than the Heir. He giggled. He cooed. He sighed. He delighted in every trivial utterance.

Kovar’s eyes rolled back in his head so many times he feared they’d get stuck there. He tried hard to ignore them, and put his effort into studying the sanitary issues that had cropped up in the lower quarter of the city of Morita. Aeren made periodic kissing noises. Kovar did not enjoy pondering sewage, but anything to take his mind off the gooey drivel next to him.

Mercifully, Aeren summoned a game on his tablet, and he and Seren played quietly together until the time was up on their nightly liaison. Then Aeren kissed the face of the tablet, which Kovar thought from the other side of the screen must make him look like some sort of underwater creature gasping for breath. The sound of Seren’s delicate kiss in return signaled the end of the twee torture.

Aeren was glowing with happiness and he smiled broadly at Kovar when all was done.

“Saveris wants to talk to you,” he said. He passed Kovar his tablet, and the Prince shut down his own system and accepted it.

“I knew you’d end up in bed together,” said Saveris archly at the sight of them.

“Oh, shut up,” said Kovar.

“Piss off,” said Aeren. He pulled up a furry blanket and rolled onto his side, back to Kovar.

“He let you into one of his bolt holes? Kovar, he must really like you.”

“I am in the abode of some sort of modern primitive,” said the Prince. “We are reduced to making our own fire and clothing ourselves in animal skins. Soon we will find a woman for breeding.”

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