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A very big chapter!

Title -- Love and Loyalty PART VI
Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- D'mer is on Kimar, fulfilling his marital duties. Kovar and Seren are truly alone for the first time.


Trevian was a handsome man. Most of the Shields of the Avatar’s guard were. Their abilities notwithstanding, it didn’t hurt that they looked good in uniform, with their intimidating presence and size, moving as a unit whenever the Avatar left his House, their minds locked around him and their bodies as impenetrable as a wall.

They were bigger than most of the Ovanan upper class, considerably taller, as well as broader and more muscular. Ovanans, taller than most sentient beings, tended toward slightly shorter stature than the average for their people the greater their psionic powers were. The huge amounts of energy they used while learning to wield their powers as children stunted growth in formative years.

Children chosen from the creche for House Teramis were selected for their physical attributes as well as their power. Shields were favored above all, their primary ability being to thwart psionic invasion. Shields learned early how to blank their minds. They were surrounded by mature Shields during this training to protect the young acolytes from outside influence and mental corruption. This also gave them the advantage of physical development most Ovanan lacked. And that most preferred not to have.

Shields were the most valuable assets of Teramis. Few were sold outright. Most were leased earning large sums for the House through tithes on their earnings. Rarely did a Shield fail in their duty to the masters, as the virtue of loyalty was instilled in them from childhood.

The delicate physical form fashionable on most of Ovanan was not favored by Teramis. Some Ovanan even tried to make themselves shorter, or to breed children in the Creche to mimic the reduced stature of nobles. Androgyny made them more attractive assets. The affectation sometimes inspired a great deal of scorn. A noble was easily recognized by a powerful aura, which few non-noble Ovanan had, and no matter how dainty the height, the lack of aura was a giveaway that true power was lacking.

Trevian had an aura, but it was not particularly impressive. It was glowing a sickly blue at the moment, and did nothing for his complexion. He was pale, as many Ovanan were, and he had a thick mass of rich, wavy unbound brown hair to his shoulders, a nod to his vanity, as most soldiers kept their hair in a tidy queue when on duty. He had very large dark grey eyes, and generous lashes. His mouth was wide and full and red. The last time Kovar had seen that mouth it had been affixed to the crack in the Avatar’s slender bottom. Or, more precisely, to the bottom of a man who knew what the Avatar looked like enough to imitate him except for an accurate depiction of a few square inches of his private parts.

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Title -- Love and Loyalty PART V
Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- D'mer is on Kimar, fulfilling his marital duties. Kovar and Seren are truly alone for the first time.


Seren wasn’t quite certain if Kovar meant what he had just said, and didn’t care to challenge him on it. He looked nervously from Rorvian to the Major, waiting for one of them to make the next move.

Rorvian looked at the Avatar kindly. “Would you care for another drink, Divinity?”

“Yes, thank you,” said Seren, quietly. Kovar didn’t quite approve of how much Seren drank. The Avatar sometimes lost control, meaning that Kovar, the strongest Shield on Ovanan, had to spend an inordinate amount of time trailing about after him to make sure that all-powerful mind didn’t leak something either terribly personal, or terribly important. He looked on as Seren accepted another full flask, and put it to his lips, drinking deeply.

Seren caught Kovar’s hint of disapproval at how quickly and deeply he quaffed the wine. He choked a little as he tried to stop in mid gulp, looking guiltily aside at Kovar’s stern face.

He glanced at Rorvian then, delicately licking his lips as he sloshed the flask a bit for emphasis and said, “I think I’ve had enough.”

Rorvian smiled, and took the flask. “Perhaps some water?”

Seren nodded, trying to reflect the sincerity of Rorvian’s smile with one of his own, but only managed a wan imitation. The Avatar looked pale, bruised under the eyes, stress showing through his translucent skin.

Kovar looked on approvingly as Rorvian returned from the bar with a tumbler of iced water, which Seren sipped dutifully and without enthusiasm. He dabbed his forehead with his hand, cold from the tumbler and Rorvian rushed forward to serve again, bringing a cold cloth for the Avatar’s temple and neck. These the Avatar accepted gratefully, and returned to sit on the couch with a weary sigh.

“Well,” said the Avatar in his soft voice. “Assuming you are not actually going to eat his heart and…you know…defecate it…what are you going to do about this person?”

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Title -- Love and Loyalty PART IV
Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- D'mer is on Kimar, fulfilling his marital duties. Kovar and Seren are truly alone for the first time.


A soldier, Kovar knew an impressive array of profane exclamations, and he used a good number of them in a very short span of time, including an expansive blasphemy about the Supreme Being, who was sitting open-mouthed in a chair to his left, and who waved a hand delicately at the launch of another "God damn it!" volley, declaring weakly "I'm still here."

Kovar came back to himself, and looked apologetically at the Avatar. "I beg your pardon, Divinity. Most sincerely." He meant it on some level, too. Rorvian, having been summoned by Kovar's urgent mental call, stepped ashen-faced through the door.

"What the hell is this!?!" Kovar snarled, waving the crystal in the air.

Rorvian looked ill. "I tried to tell you, Sir," he stammered.

Kovar gritted his teeth and said in a deadly quiet tone, "I never touched that man!"

"Oh?" Seren said, surprised, because he would have sworn he'd seen, via the sensor crystal, the Major enthusiastically performing an oral sex act on one of his soldiers, the aforementioned Trevian, who called Kovar by name and urged him to swallow.

"Oh?" echoed Rorvian.

"I did not!" barked Kovar.

Kovar grabbed another crystal from the small box. He made a noise of disgust and chose yet another, then offered it to the Avatar.

"My lord, please tell me what you see here."

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Title -- Love and Loyalty PART III
Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- D'mer is on Kimar, fulfilling his marital duties. Kovar and Seren are truly alone for the first time.



Kovar froze. He could feel Rorvian's control waiver, a trembling pulse between them.

The Avatar, unheeding, stepped through the door, a tablet in his hand. He wore a short, flowing lavender tunic over a pair of pale green leggings. In this costume, he looked as fragile and rare as one of the blossoms in his exotic gardens.

He was considerably shorter than the average Ovanan. If he stood up very straight, he barely reached Kovar's shoulder. But then, he was still very young, having ascended to the throne of the Avatar when he was still a child. Like many of Ovanan's most gifted psionics, he would likely never grow to be very tall. This did not diminish the graceful line of his legs.

The crystal reduced his appeal to mere prettiness. In person, Seren's beauty was astonishing, even on a world where physical appeal was common. He possessed a magnificent aura the crystal could not capture. Despite his loveliness, he was sometimes awkward, and (Kovar felt from their very first meeting,) intimidated by the Major's stern presence. Only when he was masquerading as his rebellious counterpart Rieken did his wit and daring show themselves.

"I found the documentation you asked me about," Seren said, tapping the tablet, smiling shyly as he did so. He must have come directly from the temple down the hall as his song had only just been completed. He was sweaty from having worn his light lavender and green tunic and hose under the heavy ceremonial gown, and from running down the hall like the boy he was. His hair was slightly mussed. Knowing Seren, the ancient and costly ceremonial gown had been dumped in a heap somewhere between the temple and Kovar's office. "I have the expense account estimates for the new staff. I was wondering if you -"

He paused uncomfortably, blinking in confusion. He looked from Kovar to Rorvian, and back again. His face took on a knowing expression.

"I'm - I'm so sorry. I've interrupted you."

He sometimes forgot he was the Supreme Being, and behaved like the gawky boy he was, apologizing for interrupting his own staff in his own palace. Kovar never quite got used to that.

Seren began to blush furiously, stepping back from the two men. "I didn't know. I'm so sorry."

It took Kovar a moment to figure out exactly what Seren was backing away from, what he thought he was interrupting.

And then he realized...the crystals.

The room was filled with powerful sensations which emanated from them, waves of desire. Kovar groaned inwardly and caught Rorvian's horrified glance. The sergeant began to blush as deeply as the Avatar did.

Seren tried to back out of the room before Kovar called to him, even as he quickly snatched at the crystal shards to shove them back into the box.

"Please don't go, my Lord, there is something very important we need to - DAMN!" One of the shards sliced his finger, and Rorvian darted forward to finish the task of stowing the bits of pornographic material away as Kovar scrambled for a handkerchief to tend his hand. Seren paused at the door in confusion, watching them. The moment the cover on the little box was closed, the powerful feeling of lust dissolved.

Seren looked even more confused at that.

"Damn," muttered Kovar, again. He saw Seren raise a pale eyebrow.

"Rorvian, step outside. I need to speak to the Avatar in private."

Rorvian looked uncertain. "But, sir..."

"What did I say to you?" It was said very loudly and the Avatar jumped. Kovar was not in the mood for argument. The Major glanced at the Avatar in insincere apology. Rorvian made a hasty bow, gave obeisance to the Avatar who smiled wanly in response, and then scrambled out, sealing the door of Kovar's office behind him.

Seren didn't seem to know what to say, so he looked about, still wondering what had happened to the powerful romance he thought he'd interrupted. He motioned toward the bandaged hand and inquired blandly, "Are you hurt badly?"

Kovar had already forgotten that he sliced open his finger, even though the handkerchief was still wrapped clumsily around it to staunch the trickle of blood.
"No, don't trouble yourself, Divinity." He gestured to the chair in front of his desk. He hoped at some point in the not-too distant future he would find the events of the day amusing, and looked about the desk for his gloves without success. They'd fallen to the floor and he was standing on them. He sighed.

"My Lord, will you please sit and speak with me? I have...we have something very important we need to discuss." He reached down and peevishly retrieved his expensive formal gloves.

As usual, Seren did as he was asked. He was sometimes as pliant as a servant, but he had a look of trepidation on his face. When Kovar wanted to discuss something, it was never good news.

Kovar was sure the Avatar wasn't expecting what was coming.

Seren smiled shyly again. "Rorvian is very handsome. I am happy for you," he said, kindly.

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Title -- Love and Loyalty PART II
Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- D'mer is on Kimar, fulfilling his marital duties. Kovar and Seren are truly alone for the first time.

The young guard before him trembled with embarrassment, handing over a small box for Kovar's examination. Kovar had already been loosely informed of the contents.

As the supreme officer of the Avatar's guard, he would have to view the evidence himself to make his own judgment.

Kovar opened the box, and inside found a small cache of sensor crystals. As soon as he lifted the lid, he could sense their purpose. They emitted a wave of erotic pleasure.

The guard, a trusted sergeant named Rorvian, tried to control his response to the flood of emotion, unsuccessfully.

"You may want to wear your gloves, sir," he said.

Kovar's eyebrow lifted. "I see." He reached into his desk drawer and removed a pair of meticulously crafted ceremonial gloves, which he then drew over his long, powerful hands. Then he lifted one of the crystals.

Even through the gloves he felt a tingling sensation that reached all the way from his fingers and straight to his groin. He put the crystal down with distaste.

"They're all like that, sir," said Rorvian quietly.

"Pornography is forbidden in this house," stated Kovar in a clipped voice.

"Yes, sir. But..." and Rorvian paused, searching for how to say what needed to be said next. Then decided not to say it all all and let the crystals speak for themselves. "You need to have a look at them, sir."

One of Kovar's thin, black eyebrows shot up again. Rorvian's discomfort was as palpable as the wave of passion leeching out of the crystal. Kovar looked down at the box again. The crystals were small, but the container was filled with them.

He picked up another, holding it gingerly, and let the wave of lust wash over him. He ordered his mind, compartmentalizing the feeling, willing it aside so he could view the contents of the crystals dispassionately.

He saw a slender man, kneeling on a bed, in a room decorated expensively, but in vulgar taste. His hair was a fall of silver, and it shielded his face from view. He was moaning ecstatically, urging his lover on, said lover thrusting into him with complete abandon.

The lover was Lt. Trevian, a competent soldier, and reliable, and, at the moment, pushing in and out of the slender, white body before him with military precision. His eyes were closed and he was moaning even more loudly than the anonymous pierced man whose legs were spread wide on lushly embroidered purple sheets, as he struggled for purchase against Trevian's sweaty thrusts and the silky fabric of the bed.

Trevian had recorded his entertainment with some prostitute, then kept the delights of his personal hours for review while on duty. A breach of protocol, for which he would be roundly punished. But this wasn't the sort of thing Kovar cared to become directly involved in.

Kovar put down the crystal, his face the picture of distaste.

"I have no desire to watch this sort of display." A petty, vulgar matter. Kovar sneered. "Handle it."

Rorvian paled. "That's not all, sir. You must..." again Rorvian could barely bring himself to discuss the matter. "You must look again."

"You can't simply tell me?" Kovar snapped.

Rorvian looked as if he was going to faint. "Sir...I cannot."

Kovar's jaw dropped a little bit, and his mind raced to think of what exactly could be on this crystal that could make a strong man like Rorvian unable to speak the truth of it. Were there animals involved?

Sighing in annoyance, Kovar picked up the crystal again, reviewing where he had left off, a tedious chronicle of Trevian's enthusiastic pumping into another man's ass.

Trevian grabbed the silver fall of hair of his paramour and pulled at it like reins of an animal. The pierced boy's head snapped back, his lips slack, eyes half shut. And his face unmistakable.

The Avatar. The spiritual leader of Ovanan, the vessel of the God. Beautiful, delicate, and wailing like a madman, as he was enthusiastically gored by Trevian's eager prick.

Kovar dropped the crystal in shock. It hit his desk and shattered.

"I'm sorry, sir." Rorvian sounded terrified. "I couldn't...I couldn't had to see this for yourself. It's not something I could bring to the attention of..."

"No, no of course not. You did the right thing. Thank you." Kovar took off his gloves and used them to mop his brow. Disaster. Utter disaster. If word got out..."Who else knows of this?"

"There's more," said Rorvian, his voice a small rasp.

Kovar groaned in the pit of his soul. What could be more than this?

The door to his office chimed, a visitor requesting entry. And as usual, when the visitor was the Avatar himself, he did not wait for permission to enter.

The Avatar's young, smiling, perfectly beautiful and utterly innocent face peered through the entry. His magnificent silver hair was unbound, framed his face, fell in a stream to the floor. Kovar and Rorvian's last view of the glorious stream had been when a man was using it to whip his head up and down while he was being fucked.

"Major Kovar, may I have a word with you?"

On Hold

Jul. 6th, 2014 01:14 pm
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I am sorry I haven't updated the shrine in awhile. I had to step back from fanac for RL, and no one likes that.

I can't decide whether to keep this as A Distant Soil only fanfic. I have fic out there under other names, but I shut down because my RL name got out there. I don't want my shmutty shmexy writing to get me in trouble in RL. It bothers me to abandon myself, but I got a hater or two latched on to me, and they followed me around on the net. You do what you gotta do.

I'm working on a really shmexy angel/heaven/A Distant Soil fic which is way out there. Alternate universe. I'm tempted to change the names and go with it as an independent piece. 50 Shades of Ovanan, only fantasy.

I will post some here, even though it's technically not all ADS. But it is. I'm not sure if it's OK to post other fics here since it's supposed to be ADS. But it's still my site. I feel conflicted.
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Originally posted by [ profile] queenynci at So, you thought all they did was eat all day? Wrong. ;-D

Quietly, quietly, quietly……...   Down here, in the dark.  Bend lowers.  Slithers onto abdomen, arms first, pushing with legs……

Just enough light for vision.  Scratches on the wall.  Hair trapped in irregularities.  Quietly moving forward.  Smells areas of tunnel walls.  Enters a junction.  Waits and concentrates, casts about for evidence of best direction to take.  Moving now; slowly, slowly, slowly…..

Scanning the area.  Still, still, still……  Sniffing the air, smoky smell, possible danger.

Noiseless, stretches neck, head now out of tunnel; slowly, slowly, slowly….

Noise.  Back away.  Watch, watch, watch…..  Heavy steps, gush of air as figure goes past, long dark hair, deep vocal breaths.

Hand forward and STOP!  Smoky smell stronger.  Narrow eyes.  Watch, watch, watch…..

Sharp vocal noises.  Irregular gasps of breath; familiar figures.  Long pale male, shorter dark smoky male, short bright female, short pale male…..LONG pale and dark male.

Quietly, quietly, quietly……  Moves all the way out of tunnel; slowly, slowly, slowly… and STOP!  Waiting - still, still, still…..  Movement.  Freeze!  Watch, watch, watch…..

Gently start to move again, sneaking up on the long pale male…..  Sniffs.  Dark smoky male not near.  Slither forward again.  Closer, closer, closer……..and….POUNCE!!!

“Who let that vermin shard in HERE!!!???”

“Oh do stop shouting D’Mer….the cutest Kimarians get everywhere, you should know.”

“But they’re so sweet, here kitty, kitty, kitty….”

“Hey PigPen, leave it alone to torment Seren, it’ll do his hangover the world of good.  He doesn’t need sheets anyway, so what if it’s making them really dirty?”

“Is that dust, kitty?”

“Ugh.  That looks disgusting, and it STINKS!”

“Oh, D’Mer….”

Crystal!  Divinity, should I send for fresh bedding?”

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Originally posted by [ profile] queenynci at Reasons to bell THAT cat
"Good Greetings, Ksh"

"Kovar.  Do you want to play?"


"Follow me...."

"It's dark down here, loved one; the whole layout is new.  Where are we?"

"It's a labyrinth Avatar Liana designed; I got her permission to borrow it.  As far as she knows, you and I are going to play a game - what she doesn't own up to knowing, is how much this will....'get us in the mood'."

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Originally posted by [ profile] queenynci at Let's Hear it For The Boys (and Corrine)

“Hi Sugar Lips, whatcha got there?”

“A poor lost baby…”

Corrine lifted a corner of the scarf she has in the crook of her elbow, and revealed a tiny shivering Selwit.

“Geez, that’s one of those little rats. Where did you get it from? Liana’s going to be a cross kid if you’ve made off with one of hers.”

“Antonio, I’ve never seen one of these so SMALL. It’s shivering, it’s cold, it’s dirty, it crawled out from a pile of rubble, it’s a little lost puppy. I can’t find Liana to ask, and I’m worried it’s going to die. What do I do?”

“Who do you think I am? Kojak, Ace Ventura, Pet Detective?”

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I may be a few more days trying to finish The Avatar's Seduction, because I got in the middle of it and realized I had a much better idea for getting to a close to canon Seren/Kovar pairing. I asked Colleen Doran a few questions about Seren's past that I think will make the new story a lot more workable as a pairing. Mostly I just want to get Kovar and Seren together, but I want it to make sense, too and I'm not sure Seren getting drunk is quite enough, Ha!

I just think they'd make such an amazing couple. Of course, I also think D'mer and Kovar would be a great pairing, and I know I could make that work. I am also working on a really hot story about Bast and Brent. Brent gets everything he wants and so does Bast! And then a Galahad/Liana.

Oh well, fanfic doesn't have to be perfect, I just hope everyone is enjoying reading the new stories. We are getting about 200 page views a day now, up from nothing, so that is really cool!

If you want to add your fanfic, please let me know!
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Originally posted by [ profile] queenynci at The Long Time Enemies Declare War Is Over
The Bonding of Great Boulder and D’Mer

D’Mer sat quietly, his feet hanging over the lip of the entrance to House Temaris’ sky bike shelter, listening to the gentle hum of Lady Kah’s sky cycle powering down.

He couldn’t have left it in that small tunnel, bikes can still be stolen or….errr… liberated. So he had mounted it and rode it back; no one challenged him. Security must be getting sloppy – he'd mention that to Mr High-and-Mighty when he saw him next. Oh yes, and he’d tell `her ladyship’ about his concern for her cycle.

It was quiet up here, and relaxing to look down at the windows into other apartments – other lives – below.

Then…. he heard the rustle…. as he turned his head slowly, slowly, he say Great Boulder’s head appear from behind Kovar’s bike. Uh OH! She must have been asleep somewhere and now his biggest nemesis had spotted him, and she was growling.


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Originally posted by [ profile] hopefulnebula at Dear Yuletide Writer, 2013 (!)
(Copying and pasting the text from last year's boilerplate post, with some alterations)

What are Yuletide letters? When you sign-up for Yuletide, you'll be able to choose from between four and six fandoms to request fic for. For each fandom, there will be a space in your sign-up where you can write optional details about what you'd like to see in your fic.

Many people like to write about their fandoms in a more in-depth way than that space allows, so they write a letter to their author, post it in their livejournal, and provide a link to it in the comments of the Dear Yuletide Writer post that goes up every year -- if you don't want to create a livejournal post for your letter, you can also just type it out directly in a comment to the post itself. You can also provide a link to your letter in your sign-up.

Previous years' posts: right here!

Letters are completely optional and can include many things. People might write about what they enjoy about the fandoms, or what they enjoy to read in fics in general, or they might provide optional prompts, etc. While letters are optional, many authors find them useful, and many authors like to read through them to look for treats that they can write.

If you're unsure of how to write a letter, you can read through other peoples' letters until you figure out what you would like to include in yours. Tips from previous years can also be found here and here.

When you link to your letter in the Dear Yuletide Writer post, here is a suggested format to make things easier for the kind nonnies collecting information about the all the letters in an easy-to-search spreadsheet.

Link to Your Letter:
AO3 Name (the name you signed-up to yuletide with):
Fandoms: (written as they appear on the official tagset)
fandom #1
fandom #2
fandom #3
fandom #4
fandom #5 (optional)
fandom #6 (optional)

If you change or add fandoms between now and when signups close, please add a NEW comment to explain this! If you edit your original comment, that change will NOT be reflected on the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet Yuletiders are not going back through the comments or tracking the post for changes. They just take new comments and add them in, so: a brand new comment linking to the old with the changes is the best way to make sure the spreadsheet is accurate!

(That, or chase one of us down in #yuletide. I hang out as HopefulNebula or Neb, and there are others helping out as well!)

The spreadsheet links (which I could have sworn I'd included here but I guess not!):

Letters by comment page
Letters by fandom

(They're the same sheet, just different tabs)

Edit 10/8: Please note that LJ's comment system sucks like a sucky thing and that the page number noted on the spreadsheet may not match exactly with the page number you see. Also, if you're not on the spreadsheet but the people around you are/your comment got screened/something got misspelled, leave a new top-level comment and one of us will get back to you at the sound of the beep. *beep...*
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Originally posted by [ profile] queenynci at I want to ride my sky cycle, I want to ride my bike
The Riders Are The Storm

Ksh walked in to her home to see one of the things she most enjoyed seeing, Kovar in thigh high boots, skin-tight velvet leggings, no shirt, a protective jacket and wearing a helmet.

Then she heard one of the things she most enjoyed hearing,

"Want to play?"
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Originally posted by [ profile] queenynci at I Promised you Selwits (with an added dash of Kovar, D'Mer and Ksh)
Revenge of the Selwits

All quiet in House Teramis, except for the sound of clicking keys and crystal tinkling.

“Best Beloved, may I move my knees please?”


Ksh sat upright, taking the weight of her head from Kovar’s lap. He had stopped typing, but the invoices were still displayed on the screen in front of them.
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