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Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- The Avatar and his Shield Kovar must face a conspiracy that threatens everyone and everything they love. Kovar and Aeren get to know one another a little better. Comedy and Drama Ensues.

PART I PART II PART III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Part VIX Part X Part XI Part XII Part XIII Part XIV Part XV Part XVI Part XVII Part VXIII Part VIX

He’s insane, thought Kovar.

Aeren reached the rim of the valley in seconds, hurtling at more than 60 miles per hour, hitting an icy, rocky outcrop and flying over it, landing with ease over 100 feet away in a burst of powdery snow, no easy feet with a heavy pack on his back. He turned with perfect form, an arc of spray bursting around him as he skidded to a halt and waited for Kovar to catch up.

Kovar took the more conservative approach, angling his skis horizontally over the face of the mountain, one leg out and the other back with his bottom low and close to the snow to slow his descent. He reached Aeren and scolded with the thought, “Good way to cause an avalanche, show off.” He could sense Aeren’s unshielded exhilaration.

I won’t let the big bad snow get you,” Aeren thought in return, mirth bubbling forward. “Come on. First snare is just over there.”

A grid with the map of the snares was projected on the inside of Kovar’s visor. Almost completely buried in snow and ice, the snares could barely be discerned by the naked eye. Aeren, however, with his unique sensitivity to energy signatures, could see them even without the map.

Stay back,” Aeren ordered. Kovar was once again amused by Aeren’s vigorous assumption of command, though he assumed for now that this was due to Aeren being in his natural element. Kovar would be less accommodating were Aeren to attempt to shoulder an authoritative role in Kovar’s sphere unbidden, and he wondered when he would, which seemed inevitable.

Aeren removed one of his gloves, his hand shuddering slightly in the immense cold. He carefully approached the snare, which appeared as nothing more than a bump in the show with a small dark depression where the scanner beam was focused toward the valley. Aeren’s image shivered as the enhancer attempted to block him from the snare’s sensors. He carefully stepped toward it. The top of the snare swiveled around, recognizing the vibrations on the ground that indicated warmth and movement. Aeren reached out and touched the top of the machine with his bare hand. Suddenly it shuddered, a small arc of electricity sparking from it.

The small trail of sparks spread, light fast, from one snare to the next, and as far as Kovar could see little explosions popped up, detonating one snare after the other in a line along their uplinks. Aeren was as still as stone, concentrating, his exposed hand on the snow and ice and freezing metal, willing it to discharge his disruption force to every snare in the valley. Kovar’s visor read the death of each one as a small silver mark on a grid, the power blinking out along a ragged web.

Finally, Aeren gasped and drew back his hand, stuffing it into his glove with relief. “Freaking cold!” he exclaimed.

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Title -- "Love and Loyalty: Aeren" Book Two Chapter Seven Part TWO

Author-- AnonymousAvatar
series -- A Distant Soil
Disclaimer -- Colleen Doran owns all
Rating -- NC-17
Characters/Pairing -- Seren/ Kovar, D'mer/Seren
Summary -- The Avatar and his Shield Kovar must face a conspiracy that threatens everyone and everything they love. Kovar and Aeren get to know one another a little better. Comedy and Drama Ensues.

PART I PART II PART III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII Part VIII Part VIX Part X Part XI Part XII Part XIII Part XIV Part XV Part XVI Part XVII Part VXIII Part VIX

Aeren did not intend to take a nap as he’d been ordered to do, but he found himself dozing off anyway, until the Prince informed him the tram was nearing their destination and it was time to gear up. The Prince and his squire were suited for the worst Ovanan winters had to throw at them: undersuits with temperature controls, oversuits with secondary temperature control, parkas, masks, heavy boots, ski-shoes and hoods.

The climate control waned near the edge of the city. The outer limits were cool, but not nearly as cold as the snowy plains beyond. Kovar hesitated as they stepped off the tram platform. Then he nudged Aeren.

The squire turned to see the Inquisitors standing at the far edge of the platform, surrounded by two Octets of Kovar’s finest. The Inquisitors looked quite put out, and were underdressed for the cool weather that chilled the platform even though they were still on the city’s underground level.

You said they were gone! Aeren thought.

They are gone. From the palace. Kovar returned. They took my private tram here hours ago. But I’m afraid there has been a serious delay with the transport from Rereshad. An avalanche. Or a storm. Or a mechanical malfunction. They could be stuck here for awhile. And them without proper coats, he added with mock concern.

No one appeared to be providing warm cover for the Inquisitors, or any other hospitality. They sipped hot drinks bought from a cheap walkway vendor nearby. Kovar felt Aeren’s amusement at the sight of their sour faces. Then the men slipped into the crowd of workers emerging onto the glidewalks to the city above where the cold air sent a blast of chill down the tubes. Kovar’s long legs cut a swath through the throng, Aeren struggling to keep up. Teramis men and women were almost all taller than he was, though servants and visitors from other Houses were more common on the outer edges of the capital city. Kovar navigated the streets and alleys with the certainty of a man who had done it many times before.

In minutes, they arrived at the office of a dealer who rented and sold snow skiffs. The place was scruffy, and the offerings were second rate and overpriced. The last place a Prince would do business, which is why Kovar did business there.

Shields were common customers, palace Shields rarer, and the dealer looked Aeren over skeptically. Aeren’s eccentric snowsuit and bright red and white parka with its ancient, intricate crystal adornments had been replaced by the illusion of a plain student’s severe environment wear. The enhancer also dampened his aura until it disappeared, Aeren’s glamour gone, but Kovar had not calibrated it to make him taller. “Cadet,” said Kovar, noting the dealer’s doubtful glare.

“Is he legal? I won’t have to do with any funny business going on with boys from the creche,” said the dealer with a growl.

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Pencil art drawing of D'mer by Beth Bisson.
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This is a picture of the side table of Colleen Doran's studio, and what do we spy in the corner over by the colored pencils? A handmade selwit courtesy of Gail Courtney! It looks like it's making a beeline for that bagel.

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There's no credit on this recipe from Faraway Dirt, an A DISTANT SOIL fanzine newsletter, but the border art is by Colleen Doran herself, of Seren and some cute selwits!

This recipe is outstanding. The only hard thing about it is the Coco Lopez, which I had a fit finding. This is my favorite cupcake recipe, and the cakes are so delicious I prefer them without frosting.

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Originally posted by [ profile] hopefulnebula at Dear Yuletide Writer, 2013 (!)
(Copying and pasting the text from last year's boilerplate post, with some alterations)

What are Yuletide letters? When you sign-up for Yuletide, you'll be able to choose from between four and six fandoms to request fic for. For each fandom, there will be a space in your sign-up where you can write optional details about what you'd like to see in your fic.

Many people like to write about their fandoms in a more in-depth way than that space allows, so they write a letter to their author, post it in their livejournal, and provide a link to it in the comments of the Dear Yuletide Writer post that goes up every year -- if you don't want to create a livejournal post for your letter, you can also just type it out directly in a comment to the post itself. You can also provide a link to your letter in your sign-up.

Previous years' posts: right here!

Letters are completely optional and can include many things. People might write about what they enjoy about the fandoms, or what they enjoy to read in fics in general, or they might provide optional prompts, etc. While letters are optional, many authors find them useful, and many authors like to read through them to look for treats that they can write.

If you're unsure of how to write a letter, you can read through other peoples' letters until you figure out what you would like to include in yours. Tips from previous years can also be found here and here.

When you link to your letter in the Dear Yuletide Writer post, here is a suggested format to make things easier for the kind nonnies collecting information about the all the letters in an easy-to-search spreadsheet.

Link to Your Letter:
AO3 Name (the name you signed-up to yuletide with):
Fandoms: (written as they appear on the official tagset)
fandom #1
fandom #2
fandom #3
fandom #4
fandom #5 (optional)
fandom #6 (optional)

If you change or add fandoms between now and when signups close, please add a NEW comment to explain this! If you edit your original comment, that change will NOT be reflected on the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet Yuletiders are not going back through the comments or tracking the post for changes. They just take new comments and add them in, so: a brand new comment linking to the old with the changes is the best way to make sure the spreadsheet is accurate!

(That, or chase one of us down in #yuletide. I hang out as HopefulNebula or Neb, and there are others helping out as well!)

The spreadsheet links (which I could have sworn I'd included here but I guess not!):

Letters by comment page
Letters by fandom

(They're the same sheet, just different tabs)

Edit 10/8: Please note that LJ's comment system sucks like a sucky thing and that the page number noted on the spreadsheet may not match exactly with the page number you see. Also, if you're not on the spreadsheet but the people around you are/your comment got screened/something got misspelled, leave a new top-level comment and one of us will get back to you at the sound of the beep. *beep...*


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